Music School Kyriakides I at 52C Gladstonos, Pentadromos 3041, Limassol Cyprus.

Music School Kyriakides II at 113  Panayioti Tsangari, Pot. Yermasogias, 4042 Limassol Cyprus.

Music School Kyriakides III at 100 Leoforos Spyrou Kyprianou 3077 Limassol Cyprus.

Music School Kyriakides IV at 135A P. Charaki, Agios Athtnasios Panthea, 4105 Limassol Cyprus.

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Laurentian University.

School of Music Kyriakides is the official representative of Laurentian University in Cyprus. School of Music Kyriakides is a consultant to prospective students on their enrollment to Laurentian University in Canada.


Since 1996 the School of Music “Kyriakides" has been dedicated to help young artists to achieve their musical goals. The Music Education here starts from the age of 3 in order to prepare young children understand the essence of music in their life's and be able to become "good" listeners.

The Faculty of the School are all certified teachers who are ready to help their Student to become professional musician's, for higher learning education (University) or to play just as a hobby.

The School accepts students of all age.

The School of music "Kyriakides" operates in four branches in the Limassol area. In the city center (Pendadromos), Potamos Yermasogeias, Spyrou Kyprianou Ave (next to Pascal) and Panthea.

Music scene is a product of creativity and evolution.

Since 1996

The School of Music Kyriakides is highly involved in public and social events of Cyprus like Song Contests, Talent Shows and inviting guest-stars from Greece. The two studios that belong to the School are highly active with local talents and again public and social events.

Furthermore, the School has been organizing events for the past years for community projects.

More than 27 Years

Thousands of Students

World Class Accredited Examination Boards


London College of Music Examinations. LCM Examinations are distinctive both in the range and depth of qualifications offered and in the administration and running of the exams. Thousands of students around the world have benefited from the certifications awarded by its examination board. The board has been conducting external music examinations for students of all ages since 1887.


School of Music Kyriakides is an examination Centre for London College of Music Examinations (ABRSM).


RGT organizes internationally recognized examinations in electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitar - from total beginner to Diploma level in partnership with London College of Music Exams (one of the world's most respected music examination boards, established since 1887) and certificated by Thames Valley University. All RGT graded exams are accredited by the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority (QCA), and UCAS points are available for grades 6-8.


U.L.M University.

School of Music Kyriakides is also the official representative of U.L.M in Cyprus. School of Music Kyriakides is a consultant to prospective students on their enrollment to U.L.M at U.S.A.


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